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“Deodour Air” Natures Way™


It’s all new at DEODOURISER - simply because every system is specifically designed at the time, to appropriately address and accommodate your particular requirements; and more importantly your high expectations. There is no such word as CAN’T in our dictionary; we haven’t yet discovered an environmental problem that we can’t cure - with our extensive range of technologically-advanced product treatments and purpose-designed systems!


Deodouriser can now supply and retro-fit additional industry-leading ‘Systems Enhancements’ specifically designed to further enhance the effectiveness of your current system. These include:   *    SENSORS - For Dust / Odour / Heat Detectio

  • PLC Metering Units
  • Wind Veins – For Wind Direction and Speed
  • Trigger Sensors - Light Beams / Trip Pads


All you need is an appropriately-designed and built grated ‘driveway pad’, an approved sump to collect and process all the by-product, and Deodouriser will handle all the rest for you. Washing and removing excess deposits of soils and environmental contaminates is that simple when Deodouriser adds their purpose-designed system of cleaning products and strategically angled and placed high-pressure jets.

No longer do you need to run the gauntlet from the long arm of the law (or the EPA) when trucks from your site venture out onto the main roads of Australia - your trucks undersides are devoid of any excess materials that will desecrate roads or the surrounding environment!


The general condition of soil, roads and earthworks within and around the likes of service stations and oil supply depots is currently under heavy scrutiny from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). As such, soil remediation is of the highest priority for them and certainly the measures they are stipulating, will significantly impact on all sectors of the very broad ‘oil industry’.

Deodouriser is one of the very few companies within Australasia that has the expertise, product and the equipment to address the level of conformity the EPA is demanding. Deodouriser will test, diagnose and treat your site on a cyclical basis, as decided by the EPA, thereby ensuring your premises comply in every aspect of oil pollution control.

Whether it be oil storage sites, service station forecourts, tank stabilisation prior to removal, or simply spillages – we cover the full spectrum of foreseeable and indeed more often unforeseeable problems that are typically associated with potentially environment-damaging hydro-carbons in their many forms - that ‘escape’.


Completely from left field, Deodouriser has the perfect solution for eliminating the debilitating odour of diesel fumes which on an all-too-regular basis emanate from the bilges of boats of all size and description.

Nothing is more of a turn-off for the boater, or more importantly for the boater’s family and guests, than to be forced into enduring the distasteful ‘aroma’ of diesel fumes - for the entirety of the trip. As an added bonus, the Deodouriser product will even remove excess diesel, oil and/or grease deposits and stains, from the surface of your bilge!


These highly Mobile units are designed to be configured for almost any small application.

Particularly useful confined or very specific situations.


This mains powered system packs all our features into an easily portable unit. Complete with high pressure ceramic pump, PLC control and 40 meters of high pressure hose and nozzle

With bonus High Pressure Water Blast Head

Our Clients:


All types of application for both commercial and industrial use.