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No other company can lay claim, as Deodouriser can, to providing the full gambit of services to the pollution-control industry, from design of product to design of systems, to installation of those systems, and to the on-going maintenance and service of those systems.

Deodouriser has the knowledge and experience to know exactly what, how and where to site equipment and product, so as to fully maximise the effectiveness of each system.

Deodouriser proudly offers the following services:

    • Odours
    • Sewerage Treatment
    • Dust Suppression
    • Refuse
    • Land Fill
    • Insects
    • Heat
    • Animal Processing
    • Permanent Systems
    • Temporary Systems
    • Big or Small Applications
    • Site Recovery
    • Remediation of Contaminated Metrials
    • Mobile Systems
    • Garbage storage areas
    • Bacteria

    Truck wheel and undercarriage wash system


    Meets EPA requirements for removing contaminated soil prior to entering public roadways.

    Optional deodorising at the same time.

    Let Deodouriser Survey your application and make friends with YOUR neighbours.

    With automatic wind direction control and a DEODORISER delivery system on an air stack, the unacceptable level of odours suffered by the surrounding residents can be significantly reduced.

    For ridge, fence line, property boundary etc. you may be interested in an Air Curtain. Controllable by wind sensor, time clock, PLC or manual requirement.

    On-site service, quick delivery, free site survey, fast response

    Our Clients:


    All types of application for both commercial and industrial use.