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DEODOURISER offers a system and a solution to every problem, whether in the field or within the parameters of your factory or production facility.

Distribution’ systems are many and varied, commencing with the compact and highly portable ‘TROLLEY’ package which comes complete with electric motor and pump, filtration, dosing unit and fully sealed PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) metering control cabinet. Simply plug into your water and power source, and of course your overhead nozzle lines - and you are immediately in action.

From there the specification of portable machinery incrementally increases significantly - up to the fully self-contained ‘TRUNDLER’ AND ‘BOB-CAT’ MODELS which, when complete with computerised PLC metering unit, dosing unit, product supply tank, hose reel, filtration, pump, motor and solar panel – will service an ‘Air Curtain’ in the field, of up to 750-metres.

The ultimate ‘remote’ and fully portable system in the Deodouriser range is their ‘TRAILER’ model which includes heavy-duty tandem axle trailer, diesel engine, heavy duty pump, hose reel, PLC cabinet, battery, dosing unit, filtration, satellite extending boom structure complete with multiple ‘cluster’ jets, and a 1000-litre product storage tank.

If a ‘permanent’ onsite system is a better option, either in the field or the factory, Deodouriser offer a number of varying sizes of fully-equipped ‘CABINET’ models which connect to both water and power mains supply - and service either overhead and wall-mounted factory lines, or an ‘Air Curtain’ in the field.

With product that is both non-corrosive and non-toxic, Deodouriser can also supply systems appropriate for odour, bacteria, dust or insect control on MACHINERY and TRUCKS. Deodouriser offers a viable solution for RUBBISH TRUCKS, around GREASE TRAPS, around ANIMAL PROCESSING PLANTS and in WASTE DISPOSAL areas.

Ready to go…. Wherever YOU need us, and the very real attraction of a Deodouriser system is you can BUY it outright, RENT it on a short-term basis or LEASE it on a
‘Long-term’ basis.

On one side: a waste landfill On the other, A FIVE STAR RESORT (Noumea)



The Air Curtain suits ridge, fence line, property boundary etc. Controllable by Wind Sensor, time clock, PLC or manual requirement

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All types of application for both commercial and industrial use.